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I just wanted to write a little something before I head off to the airport to come home. Cape Town and South Africa has been full of unexpected journeys. While the whole “study” part and academic experience wasn’t quite what I had hoped for, the adventures along the way have been so wonderful and memorable. I’ve made South African friends, I’ve become closer with people I’ll see on campus next year, and I’ve gotten to know some people that I really hope I will see again. I don’t really have any regrets, only that I wish I had spent more time with my Clamily from the Botswana/Zimbabwe trip. I ran into a bunch of them at the Old Biscuit Mill yesterday and remembered how much I love them. They are all so funny and sweet, and they always make me smile. Clam, if any of you are ever in Boston, you of course have a place to stay! And I better hear from you again!

Spending this past week looking at more of the city and its surrounding areas, I wish I had had more time to just explore and take it all in. Taking my homework to Company’s Garden would have been a smart move! But I have been so lucky to have spent the last five months in such an incredible and beautiful city, and I have accomplished and experienced things I had once only dreamed about. Hanging out with all those animals was certainly a treat. Of course, I think many of you who have been reading my blog know how much of a homebody I am. I’m really excited to head home for Boston, even if it is only for five days before I begin my next adventure in New York City (maybe I’ll start a blog about that?). I’m sad to leave this beautiful place and realize that all of these adventures are officially in the past, but I know that I will see the friends I’ve made here again. And hopefully one day I’ll come back to visit Cape Town, this time with friends and family in tow.




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I’ll be back on March 31st with lots of stories to share!

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